Rejuvenate your Body with Reflexology

A typical treatment will last 45 minutes, we book out an hour to consider individual needs.

Price: $70 includes tax.

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What is Reflexology?
Reflexology is the study and practice of working reflexes in the feet and hands that correspond to other parts of the body. With Specific hand and finger techniques, reflexology provides stimulation and, thus causes responses (relaxation) in corresponding parts of the body. Relaxation is the first step to the body's return to a state of equilibrium, or homeostasis, in which circulation can flow unimpeded to supply nutrients and oxygen to the cells.

One's state of health depends on this ability to respond to homeostasis after a trauma or injury (i.e., injury disease, stress). So we say it is the very purpose of reflexology to trigger this return. Since stress and diseases are on going facts of life for most of us, reflexology, in addition to its therapeutic uses, can serve as a preventive program.
The reflexes in the hands and feet are actually, a "reflection" of the body parts. Their locations and relationships to each other on the hands and feet follow a logical anatomical pattern which closely resembles that of the body itself.

The hands and feet are a part of the body's overall response to stress. Reflex areas reflect the overall dynamic state of tension that exists between all body parts. Stress cues in the hands and feet are a roadmap to the reflexologist. Wherever it is found on a foot, it is a sign that stress and it's effect have begun to accumulate in the corresponding parts of the body. The reflexologist observes the cues of stress and applies pressure techniques to relax the indicated stresses. The goal of the reflexologist is to create a relaxation response keyed to the individual and his or her stress. The result of such work has been defined by research as impacting, health and well-being.

What to Expect:
During the first treatment it is quite common not to feel anything, although the reflexology will still be effective. Often it takes a couple treatments to awaken the reflexes. You may find that during subsequent treatments your feet will become more sensitive. Be aware that certain medication, serious illness or nerve damage can dull the sensation but not the effectiveness.

Research Findings Show:
Impacts diseases, improves quality of life and influences the working of the body to be effective in impacting disorders such as, diabetes, constipation, headaches, high cholesterol, coronary heart disease, MS, as well as many others.

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